Why Gabbar Singh makes the ideal inspiration for mutual fund investments

When it comes to badass Bollywood villains, the list may seem endless, but there can be only one. A conscienceless dacoit that took on his enemies, enveloped in a remorseless and merciless crusade. He was cruel enough to indulge in a violent game of Russian Roulette with his men and heartless enough to cut off the hands of his defenceless enemy.

He is Gabbar Singh.

He was vile, and yet he still remains in the heart of every Bollywood fan, emulating his malevolent laugh, quoting his iconic dialogues and evoking nostalgia over his army green uniform and boots. He wasn’t just a caricature of evil; he embodied evil.

He may be one of the nefarious and downright dangerous Bollywood antihero to the eyes of any movie connoisseurs. But little known is that Gabbar Singh, who set the bar for Bollywood criminals, also performed several diabolical actions, can be served as an example in the learning lesson in investing in mutual funds, if used in the right way.

Yes, you read right, Gabbar Singh, Master in the management of mutual fund investment and strategy? How can that even be possible? “Khurach, khurach” at the moment? Believe it or not, Gabbar Singh is an astute management guru, albeit an evil one, as is reflected in some of the timeless and crazy investment skills he delivered through ‘Sholay’.

Kitne Admi The?

Who can forget his iconic dialogue? Roughly translating to ‘how many men were there?’, the dialogue also translates to one of the golden rules of investing in the best mutual funds. Be it debt or equity mutual funds you need to know the market risks, the competition, the trends and any other factors that can affect your mutual fund investments. The more knowledge you attain, the more calculated decisions you will be able to execute for higher returns.

Advertise your investment mission

Everyone knew Gabbar Singh was a terrifying dacoit. Even mothers used to terrify their children into behaving with his reign of fear. Everyone was aware he was out for revenge against his enemies, as he pillaged and plundered villages around. However, investing in mutual funds need not be at such an extreme level. Nonetheless, letting your trusted friends and family know about your mission of investment will actually work wonders for you. You get to create a network system of information and data, especially when investing in mutual funds online. You also get the financial support to help build your investments. Word need not spread far and wide about your financial planning, but a strong network and investment within confidential relationships can work with your investment strategy.

Be ruthless with your goals

You need to be ruthless when it comes to pursuing your financial goals, especially when it comes to investing in mutual funds. Put yourself through hardships to achieve your goals; do not let deprivation make you go soft on yourself. You need to consider your capital and think, how much you can expect to get in returns when investing in mutual funds. Surely, investing in that luxurious holiday trip can wait for another convenient time.  Look for ways you are overspending and divert the funds towards your goal of the best mutual funds. Check out different MF Fund options that will offer returns to match your goal. Stick to your tenures of goals, both short term and long term. Don’t be greedy, but don’t be easy on yourself too.

Wear a uniform!

While this may seem like a literal meaning, on the contrary, it is quite metaphorical. Gabbar Singh had a uniform of army green and boots emboding his goal of enticing terror with that combination. So how does that translate for your mutual fund investment? The uniform resonates with your strategy you select for your investments. The mutual fund market doesn’t have one single successful strategy that will work for all investors. You need to figure out the one strategy that will work with your requirements and provide you with the returns to meet your end goals. Work with it; fine tune it until it works in your favour. Just imagine Gabbar Singh in a traditional dhoti and kurta, a trend amongst villains back then. No, it wouldn’t make him a memorable villain that he is today. And neither would a mutual fund investment strategy that everyone follows, would work for you.

Don’t underestimate your opponents

Gabbar Singh may have cut off the hands of his enemy. But in the end, he suffered the same fate at the hands of the very same enemy. Call it poetic justice, but the very same incidence can happen to you, if you ever underestimate your opponents in mutual fund investing. Factors such as inflation, market uncertainty and even your decisions make your own worst enemy. You need to know your finances, the pros and cons of your plan of investment, the risk levels and whether you can afford them.  Don’t ape Gabbar Singh, but do the opposite of it – learn from his mistakes.

Know your history

Your history can build your future, just like Gabbar Singh’s endless plundering and dacoity helped build his gang and gain the finances to build his arms collection. But a single mistake can bring forth a financial downfall. It helps to be aware of your mistakes you have made in the past. This could be the amount you invested versus the end goal, or even misjudging the risk level with a mutual fund stock. Learn from these mistakes and be better prepared for the future. When you know the negative aspect of your own investment history, you are least likely to repeat it again, and risk losing much more.

Motivate yourself

Staying consistent in your journey of investing in mutual funds will not be without its overwhelming challenges and falls. Gabbar Singh was motivated by his sadistic personality, but you need not stoop to such bloodthirsty levels. You need to be aware, understand and tap into your inner financial hunger. Find that passion that drives you to stay focused in your goal with investing in the best mutual funds.

Antiheroes and criminals may always be perceived to be negative characters and seldom considered as role models for the good. Gabbar Singh will always be one of the foulest villains of Bollywood cinema, but as you can see, he also makes a novel and unique financial role model with mutual fund investment. Take his qualities and apply them to reach your mutual fund investment goals today.

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