Digital Wealth Management Services

  • 14% approx. returns

    in the long term

  • Almost no loss of capital

    in the medium term

  • Full Liquidity

    in the short term

Its a mobile-first, objective-based wealth management solution, through which we bring uncomplicated investment advisory to the emerging HNI segment. Our new-age, technology- backed arm has already helped hundreds of clients in creating and implementing an objective-led wealth strategy.

We take the strain of selecting and monitoring investments that are in line with your needs, whilst our technology creates a single, consolidated overview of your wealth 24x7. Now buy, switch, redeem and get advice from experts – all in a few taps.

You are in total control. We take care of the details.

Digital Wealth Management

For Clients

Grow your wealth 100x with Equity Market Protection. We will help you do that. All we ask from you is to dedicate your next 30 minutes and change the way you invest!

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For Partners

The process of managing your clients’ wealth is complex and, at times, overwhelming. The relationship with your client shouldn’t be. At AR Wealth, we enable you to establish your business and grow your revenue 3x, whilst maintaining the support of an award-winning, recognised private wealth management setup.

Its your show, we help you keep it running!

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"Thank you for the introduction to a wonderful wealth management company.I have recently superannuated from the services of my company and I am happy that I can now feel secure knowing that my money is in safe hands.Will positively recommend your company to my friends and family.Thank you once again."

Jacintha Maria Lobo

"My relationship manager from AR Wealth is excellent. Apart from giving usual product details of Anand Rathi Wealth Management, he goes one step ahead and gives personal guidance on investment. It was sheer confedence he radiated, gave me an assurance about the safety and security of my investment.My sincere and highest appreciation for a kind of service he has rendered has no parallel"

Mr. Ajit gokhale

"One of the most uncomplicated wealth management practice I have seen and does exactly what it says ."

Tehmton Toorkey

" Uncomplicated, hassle free and straight forward – these are the words I would use to describe AR Wealth. I am equally happy with the app and the ease of it. I know I am not being taken for a ride or made to invest in bad products. Their approach and the equity market protection features keeps all my worries at bay! Highly highly recommended !"

Mr. NK Jain

Group President , Ambuja Neotia

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I have had a very good experience with Anand Rathi. I have got good advise from time to time unbiased and holistic. Mr. Kedar Bhatt has been managing and now overseeing my portfolio from day 1 which gives me a lot of comfort. My portfolio is giving me the kind of return I have expecting. Overall very happy. I have and will continue torecommend Anand Rathi to my circle of contacts.

Mr. Ashok Kadakia

Director, Ashok Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd